Even closer to the customer.

With our Solution for Tablets, you will have all the necessary information at the counter of your establishment and available to your customers in a reduced device. Fully customizable, in them you can add sliders of images, videos, web pages and / or promotions instantaneously. Also offer, Meteorological Information, Reservations, Flights and Schedules in real time and obtain all the advantages offered by our other solutions through this solution in a reduced format.

The perfect tool for your reception, elevator or counter.

*Tablet not included.


Informative Software for Tablets

It includes:

  • Digital Signage Software.
  • Installation.
  • Help with the first contents.
  • Directs and Interactions in real time.

From 15,00€/ Month


Digital Signage Software with content management.

 From 75,00€/ Month

*Tablet not included.


For a better use and visualization of the contents of the tablets at the counter, we recommend Lenovo Yoga Tab 10″ with HD resolution, immersive audio and different possibilities of use: hold, tilt, support and hang.


Touch Software for Tablets

It includes:

  • Basic Software.
  • 2 Basic Languages (To choice)
  • Help with the first contents.
  • Weather, agenda and usability statistics.

From 18,00€ / Month

+ 12,25€/ Month for each additional language.

48,00€/ Month Language Pack.

(English, Spanish, Deutsch, French and Russian)

*Tablet not included.


HOMEPOINT Software with content management.


 From 100,00€/ Month

If you are interested in this service, please fill in the information and in less than 48 hours we will contact you.

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