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Ticketpoint® Software is a very useful tool when it comes to offering and managing information in establishments and large stores, as it stands out for its simplicity of use and for its multiple management, interactivity and information functions, adaptable to each user. Fully customizable to any sector, in our Software you could add all kinds of information and videos for users, sliders, images, HTML5 content or any of our multimedia content.

Use our Software is very simple …

How it works?

1. Place your screen(s)

Locate your screen(s) in the place you think is best suited to inform your clients.

2. Manage your content

Enter your data in our Backend and start upload content online.

3. Play

Share your screens network from anywhere to anywhere.

Fully adaptable…

Use the software that best suits to your business purpose

Digital Signage


Multimedia, visual and animated posters.

Sale of products

and/or services


Sale and automated management.

Touch Software

with integrated functions.

Inform in detail interactively.

Satisfaction survey


Digital and automated quality questionnaire.

Restaurant reservation

management Software.

Manage all your reservations from one place.

Automated Agenda


Interactive agenda of activities easily accessible.

Characteristics of our Central


  • Multifunctional and easy to use.
  • Access through any computer or through the Cloud.
  • Centrally manage all the information of your Screen Network.
  • Program your content by time slots and groups.
  • Generate new information through the combination of text and images.
  • Include HTML5 content with news, surveys, data and social networks in real time.
  • Consult and manage bookings, statistics and surveys of each terminal.


  • 24/7 technical assistance.
  • Acces to our Back Office.
  • Acces to our Front Office.
  • Support in the first contents.
  • Installation and maintenance anywhere in the world.
  • Real-time weather information.
  • Information about flights. (Touch Software)
  • Reservation system. (Touch Software)
  • Interactive maps. (Touch Software)
  • Automated activities agenda. (Touch Software)
  • Satisfaction surveys. (Touch Software)



*Check prices for your screens network.

Ticketpoint develops and programs its own applications; they can be adapted to the specifications of each client.

Manage your screens network

from ANYWHERE in the world.

Fully CUSTOMIZABLE, in it you can add timed information in any format.

(Video, Image, Live, Interactions in real time … etc)

MULTILINGUAL system (Touch Software)

(Spanish, English, French, German and Russian).


It is only necessary to update the information.

MANAGE all the information of your screens network

from a single point.

For sale to FINAL customers or DISTRIBUTORS.

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