Ticketpoint is an international company specialized in creating interactive communication channels between companies and end customers. The company has customized his software, not only for accommodation establishments, but also for customers in other sectors such as retail, tourism offices, beach clubs, casinos, business centers, among others.


Since always dedicated to serving the Tourism Sector, we are a company that was born as a Travel Agency to finally become a Communication Channel between companies and their final customers. We serve Tourism enthusiastically and have always tried to find the most effective solutions for each of our clients. In this way, we have managed to progress in a positive way, becoming, today, an extraordinary alternative to transmit information.

Under the assumption that “there was no effective way to inform tourists and business travelers about what to do once they had reached their destination,” a comprehensive market survey on how to inform tourists was started in June 2010 After arriving at the destination.

The market study concluded with the following result: “the supply of services in the destinations often does not reach the tourist and this in turn does not have access to the possibilities that the destination offers, being its main point of information the reception of the hotel which, in many cases, is saturated. “ Different alternatives were then discussed to solve this problem, which were premised on getting better tourist destination experience. As a result, it was considered that a touch screen, located strategically in the receptions of the main hotels, could solve this problematic without adding work to the Hotel.

After this and in the beginning, our project was directed especially to diminish the work in the reception of the most demanded hotels, but finally, after an ample observation of what other functions could fulfill our plan, we arrived at the conclusion that this alternative It can also be used for information in other establishments and in many ways.


“The best thing that can happen to a hotel is that your client repeat”.


Improve the client experience, focusing on experiential tourism and the service provided; supporting social and economic development of tourist destinations.


Being the main channel of communication in the tourism sector.

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