Provide your guests with all the information before they get to you

Thanks to our strategic locations and by using the Ticketpoint® interactive digital advertising solution, your business information and promotions will reach your potential clients in the  most efficient and eye-catching way.

Our communication solutions, will make your ad stand out via the attractiveness and visual interaction of the digital format, informing the client in real time of the latest news about your business and everything related to your latest promotions. Thanks to our Touch Screen kiosks, the users physically interact with your ad by printing promotional tickets and / or making reservations of your products and / or services through the platform.

We propose and recommend local and regional businesses as places of leisure for holiday makers. And provide them with information of where to eat or where to go shopping, allowing them to subsequently carry the information with them through a QR code or through the Internet.

Reduce costs in advertising on paper and get into digital advertising, less costs, more performance.

Savings in the use of flyers, banners, paper, posters … etc.


Sales system according to availability for tickets and / or products.

Use of videos, images, interactive sliders and web content promoting your company.

Integration of interactive content such as Menu, Dress Code, Image Gallery, Price List, Catalog … etc

Interactive maps of how to get to your establishment.


Advertising in 5 languages (Spanish, English, German, Russian and French).

Reservation system according to availability for products and / or services.

Promotions and updated offers that are available instantly at the point of demand.

Offers and / or Promotions available and ready to be printed and used in the destination.

24 Hours Availability.

Display content on other devices using QR codes or through the internet.


Achieve a maximum impact with an advertising campaign on our screens at Siam Mall.


Inform holidaymakers about your company in the most avowed hotels.

If you are interested in advertising with us, please provide us with your data and in less than 48 hours we will contact you.


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