Audiovisual content in large format.

The Video Wall solution is perfect to offer instant information, in large format and in a powerful way.

Thanks to its multitude of innovative options, you can display your content in any format by building the screens that make it up, vertically, horizontally, panóramica or adapting to the required geometric shape.

Also, thanks to it, you can update your content instantly and quickly offer all your products and services more dynamically.

Fully customizable to any Sector, it is one of the best and most effective contemporary tools for capturing clients as it allow to obtain clear and high definition images, achieving an impact and a quality that other large format screens can not achieve.



It includes:

  • Programmable sliders
  • Direct and Interactions in real time.
  • Play HD content.
  • Stereo sound.
  • Adaptation to Interior and Exterior.
  • Custom rotation
  • Personalized guidance

*Maximum 8 Screens per Videowall.



It includes:

  • Digital Signage Software
  • Programmable sliders
  • Direct and Interactions in real time.
  • Meteorological information.

From 25,00€/ Month

Digital Signage Software with content management.


From 60,00€/ Month + IGIC

If you are interested in this service, please fill in the information and in less than 48 hours we will contact you.


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