Ticketpoint offers hoteliers managers an interactive and multichannel solution for communicating with their guests without barriers, enhance their experience during their stay and help manage the resources of the hotel.

The solution consists of a touch screen in various formats according to your preferences, located in the hotel lobby and offers guests immediately, all information related to: hotel services, map of the hotel, flight status, weather, hotel and cultural agenda, shopping, public transport, nightclubs, etc.

37% of users have gone to a recommended place and 25% have made purchases recommended by the touch solution.

Ticketpoint solutions are discharging receptions and public relations work up to 8 hours and 300 people are attended on a daily basis.

95% of guests easily understand the solutions and value it as an improve of service. 93% of users use them more than once.



Attractive, customizable and modular. Encourage your guests to learn about everything you can do in your establishment and destination.


Inform your guests of everything happening both inside and outside your establishment.

How to get there

Inform your guests about how to arrive to the destination. It includes the ability to send directions to the mobile phone of the guest.

Promote your hotel restaurants

Inform your guests about the different resort restaurants with their menus and images.

Inform your customers of allergens

By the European legislation it is required reporting on allergens in Hotels and Restaurants. With the Regulation 1169/2011 on food information for consumers, bars, restaurants, cafes, canteens, taperías, hotels and any establishment that offers products packed processed or not, you must have a system that can inform their customers about possible allergens in your dishes or products.


Choose the visual aspect of the interface that best suits your target while preserving the corporate identity of your business. You can choose from a variety of customizable templates predesigned or create your own.


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