Visual and animated posters.

Digital Signage is a very useful tool when it comes to offering up-to-date information in establishments and big surfaces, providing a better overall experience to the public.

The solution consists of a screen, with multimedia content and in various formats according to preference, located in the most visible locations of the place and which makes available to the client, immediately, all the information related to: Services, Promotions, Products, Facilities , Maps, Restaurants, Menus, Agenda, Transportation… etc


Thanks to our centralized system, you can manage all the information of your screen network from any computer, incorporating audiovisual content of all kinds (videos, sliders, images, html5 windows… etc) and categorizing the information according to your needs (time slots, groups of monitors … etc).

Our team will advise you to solve any doubt and will help you during the first contents, offering you a training course for your employees.

Include interactions and directs in real time of what happens in


Add interactive widgets to your screens so users can stay informed about your activity on the internet.



It includes:

  • Programmable sliders
  • Direct and Interactions in real time.
  • Play HD content.
  • Stereo sound.
  • Adaptation to Interior and Exterior.
  • Custom rotation.
  • Custom orientation.
  • Design and content management.


From 150,00€/ Month



It includes:

  • Digital Signage Software.
  • Programmable sliders.
  • Direct and Interactions in real time.
  • Meteorological information.

From 25,00€/ Month

Digital Signage Software with content management

From 140,00€/ Month

*Screen not included.

Use our Digital Signage is very simple

How it works?

Position your Screen(s)

Place your Screen(s) in the place you think best suited to inform your customers.

Manage your content

Enter your data in our Backend and start uploading and managing content online.


Distribute your screen network from anywhere to anywhere.


Allow the user to carry the information displayed using a QR code or via internet.


Manage your screen network

from ANYWHERE in the world



Fullly CUSTOMIZABLE, add audiovisual content in any format and categorize your information.

(Video, Image, widget, html5 window...etc)



It works WITHOUT INTERNET connexion.

It is only necessary to update the information.


MANAGE all your screen network Information

from a single point.



For sale to FINAL customers or DISTRIBUTORS.

If you are interested in purchasing our Software, please fill in the information and we will contact you in less than 48 hours.

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