Offer to your customers fast and accurate Information, without waiting.

offers hotel managers different solutions, both Interactive and Visual, to communicate with their guests without barriers, improve their experience during their stay and help in the resources of the Hotel.


The solution consists of a screen, tactile or non-tactile and in various formats according to preference, located in the reception or in the most visible locations of the Hotel and that makes available to the guests, immediately, all information related to: services , promotions, facilities, hotel map, restaurants, menus, flight status, weather, calendar of activities, cultural calendar of the area, leisure areas, transport … etc

DECREASE of work and increase in quality of service.

INFORMATION in detail and instantly, without waiting.

ECONOMIZATION of expenses in printing resources.

COMFORT in the hiring of any Product and / or Service.

COMMERCIALIZATION of advertising space.

Usability STATISTICS that will allow you to know more about your client.

ACCESSIBILITY with information available 24 Hours.


Attractive, customizable and modular. Encourage your guests to find out about everything they can do at your hotel and at the destination.

Day Planner

Inform your clients instantly of the different activities that will be held both outside and inside your establishment.

Restaurants and Menus

Promote the Restaurants of the Complex and report on schedules, prices, dishes, ingredients and allergens with their corresponding photographs.

Leisure Areas

Indicate the Places of Leisure, Events and Activities that can be found in the area, as well as personalized recommendations from other users.


Help visitors find their way round your facilities.


Weather forecast for the coming days in real time.

How to reach us

Interactive maps on how to get around the destination. It includes the possibility of sending the indications to the client’s mobile phone.

5 Languages

Provide access to all types of users integrating English, Spanish, German, French and Russian.

Social Media

Let your guest discover the most recent developments in your facilities.


Get automated and centralized feedback from your clients.

Booking Engine

With our reservation system you can show your Products and / or Services so that consumers can contract or reserve them by following a few simple steps.

Explanatory PDF

37% of users have gone to a recommended place and 25% have made purchases recommended by the tactile solution.

Ticketpoint solutions are downloading from work to receptions and public relations up to 8 hours and 300 people serviced per day per hotel.

95% of the people understand the solutions easily and value them as a greater service. 93% of users use more than once.


All information available to your customers.

airplane- (2)


Updated flight list.

sprout (1)


Environmental Information.

menu (1)


Access the information of your restaurants and reserve a table.

schedule (2)


See upcoming events.

map-with-placeholder (1)


All information about pharmacies, gas stations, ATMs etc.

hotel (4)


Inform your clients how to improve their stay.



All leisure alternatives available.

hotel (3)


Hotel information.

invoice (2)


With our booking engine you can make reservations of any kind.


sunset (2)


Check the weather forecast for today and tomorrow.

check-in-marker (1)


Check-in from hotel.

promotion (1)


Promote the rest of hotels in your chain.


You imagine and we make it possible.

connect (1) Content management

We provide the service of integral management of the contents of our solutions. You just have to worry about giving us your ideas and we make them come true.

switches  Digitization Consulting

We study the digital signage needs of your Establishment, reducing stationery costs and achieving a greater impact on guests.

paint-roller (1) Personalization

Completely customizable, our solutions are personalized with your corporate image giving a homogeneous image and reinforcing your branding.

atom-shape Innovation

Our R & D department is continuously designing solutions adapted to the new technologies and needs.

cloud-computingContinuous and adapted development

Our team continually creates solutions to meet global or customer-specific needs, from small modules to connections between systems.

settings Extended support

We continuously and proactively monitor all our tools and have international coverage.


Choose the visual aspect of the interface that best to suits your purpose while preserving the corporate identity of your business. You can choose from a variety of predesigned customizable templates or create your own.

Software Option

Best Value
50/per month
  • * If you hire our software for a year get a 20% discount.
  • 24/7 technical assistance.
  • Access to our Back Office.
  • Access to our Front Office.
  • Call Center.
  • Photoshop templates designs in all formats.
  • Real-time weather information.
  • Flight Information.
  • Booking system.
  • Interactive Maps.
  • Geolocation.
  • Automatized schedule of activities.
  • * By selecting this option you can also purchase your interactive display through your nearest dealer. If not aware of any, we will offer you the necessary information.
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Purchase Option

  • 24/7 technical assistance.
  • Access to our Back Office.
  • Access to our Front Office.
  • Call Center.
  • Photoshop templates designs in all formats.
  • Real-time weather information.
  • Flight Information.
  • Booking system.
  • Interactive Maps.
  • Geolocation.
  • Automatized schedule of activities.
  • * Choosing this option with our software you will get a 15% discount, also if you buy our Totem and one year of maintenance contracts bring a 30% discount.
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